The School Leader’s New Challenge: Learning and Unlearning in the Age of Generative AI

Headshot of Dana Mortenson, World Savvy CEO, and SuperSpeaks podcast logo over a gray background with holographic outlines to represent AI

World Savvy’s CEO and Co-founder, Dana Mortenson, was interviewed by SuperSpeaks podcast host, Mark Sparvell, about the age of generative artificial intelligence and its impact on education.

School and district leaders are guiding their institutions and organizations through a historic moment in education — the first back-to-school term in the age of generative artificial intelligence. Administrators are exploring what is required to prepare schools and students to thrive in this new era, — including the learning and unlearning needed to adapt. This discussion explores this new landscape and what we are learning about navigating it.

Listen to the podcast here.

World Savvy is an organization that partners with schools to reimagine education and create more inclusive, student-centered, and future-ready learning communities. We are continuing to expand our work across the country. Connect us with a school or learn more about our school partnership opportunities.

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