Conversations on Connection: Dana Mortenson

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Inspired Teaching’s Continued Exploration of School Connectedness

World Savvy’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dana Mortenson, spoke with the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Center for Inspired Teaching, Jennifer Fournel, about elevating student expertise and fostering cultures of connection.

In their conversation, Dana shared an effective tactic to help teachers dive deeper into who their students are and how the students’ lived experiences may help to inform classroom culture. Hear what Dana said about World Savvy’s work, belonging, youths as experts, curiosity, and more.

Derived from the organization’s Global Competence Matrix, the World Savvy team uses Global Competence prompts — questions that “get outside of potentially more one-dimensional and surface-level understanding” — in place of traditional ice-breakers. Think “Describe the last time you tried something multiple times before finally getting it,” vs. “What did you do this summer?”

As you continue to learn more about your new students and work to build equitable, engaging learning environments, we hope you are inspired by the prompts Dana shared — as well as the rest of her conversation with Jenna — to build authentic connections and community in the school year ahead!

Listen, read, or watch the interview.

World Savvy is an organization that partners with schools to reimagine education and create more inclusive, student-centered, and future-ready learning communities. We are continuing to expand our work across the country. Connect us with a school or learn more about our school partnership opportunities.

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