Opening the World Through Education

Dana Mortenson's headshot against a backdrop featuring a globe and the Destination on the Left logo, a podcast she appeared on

There’s nothing like an international experience to shine a light on why schools need to better prepare students to become global citizens. That’s why World Savvy has partnered with EF Education First on their international educational trips for school leaders that highlight how to integrate culture, identity, and global competence into classrooms right here at home. 

Our CEO, Dana Mortenson, recently appeared on Break the Ice Media’s Destination on the Left podcast with Nicole Mahoney. She was interviewed alongside Kate Berseth from EF to talk more about this partnership and the crucial need to embed global competence into our learning environments, as well as how our education system can better prepare students with the skills they need for success, leadership, and citizenship in our diverse and increasingly interconnected world.  

Listen to the podcast here.

World Savvy is an organization that partners with schools to reimagine education and create more inclusive, student-centered, and future-ready learning communities. We are continuing to expand our work across the country. Connect us with a school or learn more about our school partnership opportunities.

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