In Solidarity with our Community

Art by @stattheartist

Our Twin Cities community is grieving again, as Daunte Wright, another unarmed Black man, was killed by police on Sunday, April 11th. Daunte Wright was a father. A son. A brother. A partner. A friend. A valued member of the community. He was 20 years old with a full life ahead of him. Less than one year after the murder of George Floyd, we again confront the institutional and systemic racism that continues to violently cut short the lives of our Black neighbors.

To our BIPOC colleagues, partners, friends, and loved ones: we see you. We are here to support you and to ensure that you have the space to express your grief, anger, frustration – whatever you are feeling in the wake of this new but all too familiar trauma. We are committed to allowing our staff – and especially BIPOC team members – to take time for rest and self-care, and to be in community. 

We are also committed to showing up for and supporting the family of Daunte Wright and his community that has been so impacted – and retraumatized – by his murder. Brooklyn Center is a diverse community broken up by several major highways. In the best of times, huge swaths of it are considered a food desert; with businesses closed, many are struggling to access basic necessities. The Sahan Journal has shared a great list, updated frequently, of places where individuals can donate goods, volunteer their time, or contribute to mutual aid funds to support those most impacted:

Donations to the The Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund can be made at 

As we work toward the systemic change so desperately needed to cultivate an inclusive and equitable society, we’re here to listen and learn alongside our community, and stand in solidarity with our Black neighbors and community members who bear the brunt of this injustice, time and time again. 

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