A World Savvy Approach to Navigating the Future of Education

Black and white headshot of KK Neimann in front of a blurred out photo of a whiteboard in a classroom. Next to her is the Good Life EDU Podcast logo

Our National Director of District and Strategic Initiatives KK Neimann explores World Savvy’s innovative approach to education on The Good Life EDU Podcast presented by Nebraska’s ESU Coordinating Council. In KK’s words, World Savvy is a “capacity builder.” Through multi-year Comprehensive School Partnerships, we work with school leaders and educators to embed global competence and create inclusive, adaptive, and future-ready learning environments.

Tune in to learn more about global competencies, fostering teacher empowerment, and enhancing support for students! 

Listen to the podcast here. 

World Savvy is continuing to expand our work with schools and districts across the country. Reimagine education with us and learn more about our school partnership opportunities to embed global competence into your learning environment.

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