Travel-Based Learning: The Window to a Global Ecosystem

Globalization has redefined and reshaped our job market, our classrooms, and our communities. Today’s students are challenged more than ever before by increased cultural diversity, global connectivity, and polarization of perspectives. So how can leaders in classrooms, schools, districts, and education arenas support students’ development of competencies to thrive in college, careers, and as citizens in diverse communities? Join us to explore how one district is using educational travel experiences abroad as a catalyst for developing a global ecosystem centered around diversity, equity, inclusion, and future-readiness.

After the presentation, join us for a happy hour at the Icehouse at 2528 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

Presenters: Amy Boscan, Career & Technical Education, Global Studies & World Languages Coordinator – Parkway School District, Missouri; Jenni Williams, Director of Strategic Partnerships – EF Educational Tours