Raising Global Citizens: The Path to Global Competence is Paved with Books

Books and stories are invaluable tools in building global competence. They can elevate the lived experiences of everyone in a community, open people up to new ideas and ways of thinking, and provide models for how young people can move through the world. Books can be windows or mirrors, and people need both. In this session, participants will get to hear author and educator Kamie Page read The Invisible You, a beautiful children’s book she co-authored with her father, Justice Alan Page, about feeling different and finding connections. Afterwards, Ms. Page will be available for questions about writing, teaching, storytelling, and the importance of diverse stories. Following dinner and book browsing, children can play at the park while Rebecca Slaby and the team from AMAZEworks lead a discussion with adult participants about how to raise anti-bias/anti-racist children. Those in attendance can also enter their name to win a copy of Kamie and Alan’s latest book, Bee Love (Can be Hard) and an accompanying curriculum guide designed for parents and educators.