Hopkins at Home, “Creating the Global Classroom”

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World Savvy’s CEO and co-founder Dana Mortenson will join a panel of speakers for Johns Hopkins University’s “Hopkins at Home” livestream event.

About this event
Why should taking a global perspective be a central element of our teaching and of our classrooms? Join Hopkins at Home and Dr Laurence Peters, who created Hopkins’ first course on Global Education Policy in the School of Education and who recently published Creating the Global Classroom: Approaches to Developing the Next Generation of World Savvy Students, for a panel discussion on exactly this question. Featuring three leading experts on global education, this session will cover why we should care about understanding global learning contexts, the benefits for students of implementing such practices, and effective ways to integrate this perspective in your own classroom. It should be an engaging hour providing plenty of useful insights into the ways that global perspectives can enrich your teaching.


Dr. Laurence Peters

Dana Mortenson, CEO World Savvy

Kirsten Hagen, Specialist, Global Studies, DC Public Schools

Jennifer Adams, Program Director, Global and International Education, Drexel University