Bay Area Educator Institute: Teaching for Global Competence

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Come celebrate the art of teaching and explore the ways we can prepare young people for active and engaged global citizenship.

World Savvy’s work is grounded in a set of Evidence-Based Principles that leverage 20 years of experience embedding Global Competence into K-12 teaching, learning, and school culture. Preparing young people to thrive in a diverse, complex, and interconnected world is an awesome task, and to graduate the engaged citizens that this world needs, we must reimagine what we are doing in our classrooms and schools. In this workshop, we will explore what global competence is, why it is important, and how we can get it done. Using World Savvy frameworks, participants will …

  • Think about the educator they want to be and the educator their students need them to be;
  • Identify concrete actions they can take in their classrooms to develop the skills and dispositions we know young people need to thrive in their ever-changing communities, locally and globally.

The event will be held at Sonoma State University in Ruben Salazar Hall, Room 1047. Admission is $25. Lunch will be provided.

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